Sunday, December 11, 2005

Israel readies forces for possible strike on Iran

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Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran
Israel's armed forces have been ordered by Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, to be ready by the end of March for possible strikes on secret uranium enrichment sites in Iran, military sources have revealed.Posted Dec 11, 2005 07:13 AM PSTCategory: ISRAEL

Of course, nobody but the US and Israel claims Iran has "secret uranium enrichment sites", and the IAEA never found any. Indeed this is an obvious repeat of the run=up to the Iraq war, in which the US and Israel; kept insisting they knew where Saddam's nuclear weapons plants were, yet could never actually provide a single location to the UN where the claims could be verified.

So, here is the game plan. Israel (which really does have nuclear weapons and delivery systems), will scream that Iran (which does NOT have nuclear weapons of delivery systems) is a threat, and bomb the Iranian power station, just as they did Iraq's in 1981. Iran will have no choice but to respond to this obvious act of war. And who is sitting right on the path from Iran to Israel? YOUR KIDS. And it is evil enough that Israel has so arranged things they they will hide safely behind your dying kids, but the US Congress and the President are LETTING THEM DO IT. The Us Government is ALLOWING Israel to use American kids as a shield from behind which Israel will strike at her enemies with impunity.

I wonder how much Israel paid the Congress for your kids' lives.



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