Friday, July 20, 2007


"Damascus has also warmed to Turkey, Israel's ally in the region, and this is somewhat unsettling news for Tehran, which looks to Syria as a counterbalance to the Israel-Turkey nexus. France, under the new pro-American President Nicolas Sarkozy, has wasted little time before trying its hands at an active Syria policy. From the vantage point of Tehran, the net result of all the external influences on Syria may indeed be a considerable mellowing or an incremental 'soft decoupling' of its relations with Syria."
Iran-Syria alliance on uncertain ground
"Israel on Friday denounced an alliance between Iran and Syria that it said cast doubts on Syrian peace intentions, following a visit by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Damascus. 'The fact that the Damascus regime chose Ahmadinejad as a partner in a strategic alliance raises serious doubt on recent statements from Syria on its intentions for peace,' foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev told AFP." - Israel slams Iran-Syria alliance

America secretly backs the Islamists

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey...Divide and Rule

'The overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the CIA and MI6'

UN hails Iran nuclear agreement

Iran to allow IAEA access

US skeptical of Iran promise to allow nuclear inspections

Comment on the above from : "The US State Department has to be more than 'skeptical' right now: it's got to be hopping mad.Iran has just pulled the rug out from under one of the key reasons for any kind of immediate invasion by announcing that they are going to work with the IAEA. Note that if you clicked up and down the alleged news channels yesterday, you heard the word Iran come up like a mantra in terms of people in the Iraqi insurgency 'having links' to Iran, and absolutely nothing about this turn of events between the IAEA and Iran being said."



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