Friday, September 07, 2007

The Shah and the Jewish lobby; Ahmadinejad and drugs

Mike Wallace interviews the Shah of Iran, in 1974 and '76 and there is mention of the American Jewish lobby.


A New Approach - Iran

President Ahmadinejad has a radical drugs policy.

Iran has the highest heroin addiction rate in the world.

With an HIV epidemic, the government has adopted an enlightened approach.

"People think the current government is more conservative and fundamentalist. But it supports our programmes much more than previous governments", states drugs counsellor, Bijan Nassirimanesh.

Addicts are treated as patients not criminals.

The state subsidises free syringes, medical care and treatment programmes.

"The needle exchange programme has massively brought down the number of HIV cases", praises one addict.

"When Ahmadinejad was mayor of Tehran, he ordered the city authorities to build 40 drop-in centres. Now that he's President, he's always talking about methadone treatment."

VIDEO: A New Approach - Iran



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